Phoenix Theatre Cloakroom

Seeing a play or a musical inside a warm auditorium on a frosty winter’s evening can be a nice haven away from the cold outside, but if you are planning on doing so, then you will have a coat with you, so what is the best thing to do with it? All theatres have cloakrooms; some are free and require tipping if the service is satisfactory, whilst others are small and expensive. If you do wish to leave your coat with staff then it is a good idea to take valuables with you such as cash and credit cards for if you wish to purchase drinks or confectionery, and also because things do fall out of coats at times. Staff are very honest and theft is very rarely a problem, but for precautions, this is advised.

If you would prefer to take your coat with you to save the hassle of queuing up afterwards to retrieve it, then it is advisable not to leave it under your seat or in the aisles, because it will probably get trodden on a few times, and may possibly even get robbed. It is also best not to leave it unattended during intervals because thieves are often known to strike during the interval.

We hope you find our tips on what to do with your coat, useful!