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Goodnight Mr Tom, Phoenix Theatre


It is certainly strange approaching the Phoenix Theatre without seeing the usual Blood Brothers signage and even stranger to sit in the auditorium and not be faced with the set of Mrs Johnstone’s council house crumbling before your very eyes. Goodnight Mr Tom is the first new production at the Phoenix in 21 years since the closure of Willy Russell’s famed musical…and what a show to start off the Phoenix’s new era!

Goodnight Mr Tom runs from November 27th – January 26th 2013

Goodnight Mr Tom, adapted from Michelle Magorian’s award novel, tells the tale of a More >

The Hurly Burly Show, Duchess Theatre



As a long standing fan of Burlesque, and a dabbler in the performance myself I was extremely excited,  yet wary, when preparing to see The Hurly Burly Show, back for a second run on the West End, this time at London’s Duchess Theatre. Let me explain my caution; until a recent upsurge in interest in the now trendy style of seductive cabaret, Burlesque was almost a bit of an underground institution, one would have to visit special Burlesque clubs or bars for an evening of comic debauchery. Now it has been commercialised and adapted for a West End crowd More >

Cantina, London Wonderground


The whole set up of the Southbank Underbelly site feels a bit surreal; a mushroom garden with colourful lanterns, a bar that looks like it has been lifted from a Western, dodgems as outdoor seating, and oh yes, the gigantic upside-down purple cow.  Therefore walking into the Wonderground’s Spiegeltent tent to see the freakish circus, Cantina, did not disappoint.

The production of Scott Maidment and Chelsea McGuffin’s Cantina takes place in the round, with the audience sitting ‘ringside’ to the action. Initially onlookers are presented with an old time 1920’s style busking band playing tunes on antiquated instruments. The music More >

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